Metro to be without barriers

Increasing number of disabled passengers enjoy using Minsk metro

Increasing number of disabled passengers enjoy using Minsk metro

In the past month alone, the metro’s security service has received over 420 requests for rendering assistance to passengers with limited mobility. Minsk’s metro staff have embraced the state programme to make public transport more accessible to everyone.

Over the past three years, more than Br12.4bn has been spent on the programme, including the installation of 23 lifts, 22 platforms (including 3 with vertical movement) and 10 mobile full-track lifts. These and other elements are depicted on a detailed Internet map (on the Minsk metro’s website).

Not long ago, another five mobile full-track lifts were installed at Oktyabrskaya, Kupalovskaya, Pobedy Square, Yakub Kolas Square and Proletarskaya stations: all paid for from the metro’s own funds. As a result, few stations are now inaccessible to those with limited mobility, enabling all passengers to feel safe and protected.

The metro has also developed special instructions to render assistance to those who are physically weak, and all security service staff have been trained in lift maintenance.

By Piotr Shchedrin
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