Master class from “ice prince”

Olympic champion Yevgeny Plushchenko believes young Belarusian figure skaters have excellent skills
The seven time champion of Russia, three time world champion and the Olympic champion in Turin in 2006, one of the most prominent figure skaters of the world gave a master-class to the students of the Children’s Figure Skating Sports School in Minsk.

Yevgeny Plushchenko said the young skaters from Belarus were very talented and quite promising, besides, they have an advantage of excellent facilities to train. The athlete noted that now that Belarus has enough palaces of ice sports it is time to revive the famous coaching school. “There are so many gifted boys and girls in Belarus, and they all require attention and support from professional coaches: 45 minutes is not sufficient for figure skaters. Children should skate for at least 90 minutes twice a day and exercise outside the rink — which makes over five hours of training sessions a day.”

The Olympic champion said he trained eight hours a day before every skating season. He has changed 19 pairs of skates since he started training when he turned just four years old.
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