‘Live’ prototypes show their broad potential

In 2010, Minsk Tractor Works took part in dozens of exhibitions abroad

‘Belarus’ tractors have been on show in the UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Venezuela, Iran and China. The Belarusian machinery already occupies a niche on the markets of these countries. There are plenty of prospects for promotion, with MTZ taking part in various foreign exhibitions to this end and taking its machinery on more active promotional tours. As part of IRAN AGRI, held in Iranian Mashhad, the ‘Belarus-1523’ tractor was presented to local farmers. Meanwhile, three Belarusian tractors took part in exhibitions and tests in China’s Heilongjiang Province and a specialised demonstration of MTZ machinery was hosted by the Czech Republic, with MTZ models presented as part of ‘Belarus’ Tractor Day.

Last year, Minsk Tractor Works participated in 60 exhibitions, including national expositions of Belarus abroad, hosted by the capitals of Russia, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Latvia and Egypt, as well as by Sudan’s Khartoum and Ukrainian Dnepropetrovsk. Additionally, last year, the enterprise organised permanent exhibitions of ‘Belarus’ tractors in Venezuela and Kazakhstan. Moreover, Belarusian agricultural machinery went on show at Agro Eurasia-2010 in Istanbul.

MTZ machinery has taken part in almost 20 advertising events in the Russian Federation, being exhibited at annual exhibitions of agricultural machinery in various regions and taking part in demonstrational ploughing. ‘Belarus-2103’ tractors have been exhibited in the Siberian Federal District and in Altai Krai, to expand the range of MTZ machinery supplied to the Russian market. Moreover, last year, ‘Belarus’ tractors again took part in the annual Plouman-2010, held in the Moscow Region.

In 2010, MTZ was awarded a diploma and a special prize at the International Golden Autumn Specialised Exhibition in Moscow.

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