Knowledge applied in practice

By Svetlana Savicheva

The Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education (BelMAPO) is facilitating the integration and exchange of advanced experience between Belarusian and foreign specialists. Education Minister Sergey Maskevich reported on the project during an extended session of BelMAPO’s Scientific Board, dedicated to the Academy’s 80th anniversary.

BelMAPO has a special role in allowing teachers to conduct scientific investigations; the results are then used for training and re-training medical staff. This enables practicing doctors from Belarus, as well as those from the CIS and beyond, to share knowledge, while learning of new achievements in healthcare.

Belarus’ Healthcare Minister, Vasily Zharko, believes that close ties between science and education allow us to react promptly towards changes in contemporary medicine while facilitating the mastery of new knowledge and technologies.

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