Joint efforts are essential

At 79th Interpol General Assembly in Doha (Qatar) Belarus’ Interior Minister, Anatoly Kuleshov, notes that joint efforts in universal anti-terrorism conventions are vital

By Andrey Pimenov

The Head of the Belarusian Interior Ministry was addressing this major forum for the first time in the history of independent Belarus, noting the priorities of Belarus’ crime prevention policy. He stressed that, at present, no state can ignore the problem of terrorism or tackle it alone. He asserts that it is vital to work together via universal anti-terrorism conventions, setting up a system of jurisdiction to unearth terrorists worldwide.

The Interior Minister underlined that Belarus is taking all necessary measures to implement international instruments while utilising the expertise of international organisations. Mr. Kuleshov also noted that the CIS was the first regional organisation to recognise the danger of the spread of international terrorism. In 1999, the Heads of CIS member states signed their Treaty on Co-operation in Combating Terrorism. Moreover, the Anti-terrorism Centre was set up, and remains active. The Interior Minister stressed the importance of battling drug smuggling, illegal migration, human trafficking and transnational economic crimes.

The Interior and Justice Ministers were in attendance and adopted a joint statement recognising the central role of Interpol in establishing links between police bodies on a global scale. The organisation aids international security and combats crime by strengthening law enforcement collaboration between its 188 member countries.

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