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EXPO-2015 was launched in Milan

Interesting and exciting meetings under green hill

Held under the slogan ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, the 6-month event is expected to be visited by 20 million people, second only to the Olympics and Football World Cup. Belarus presents its Wheel of Life pavilion, having begun preparations four years ago.

Belarusian pavilion at EXPO-2015 in Milan

Only 70 countries from 145 countries are honoured with a national platform and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs promises that ours will be among the five most memorable. Most of the participating countries have chosen a simple, rectangular construction, while Belarus has created a green hill, covered with real turf and flowers, separated by a river, with a watermill turning a wheel. An Italian company created the design, using Belarusian blueprints. About a third of the pavilion serves dishes of national cuisine, cooked by a professional team and two chefs.

The Deputy Foreign Minister, Alexander Guryanov, is reluctant to forecast particular economic dividends from participating but there’s no doubt that Belarus will gain prestige and an enhanced international reputation. Participants intend to conclude contracts and establish co-operation with other companies but, most importantly, they’ll show visitors our achievements, wealth and beauty. Themed events at the pavilion are to include the Day of Economy, the Day of Science, days of regions and, on September 9th, the National Day of Belarus.

By Kirill Pimenov

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