Belarusian climbers plan an expedition to one of 25 highest peaks of the world
Belarusian climbers plan an expedition to one of 25 highest peaks of the world.

In Minsk during the organizational meeting of the alpinist project participants it was decided to carry out the expedition in a mountain mass Kun-Lun (the Lunar mountains) in China. “In spring of 2005 four project participants ascended the highest peak of the Lunar mountains (the Margaret peak, 5109 m) in the heart of the African continent, however, there is one more mountain mass with the same name, which is situated on the territory of the People’s Republic of China”, - said the head of the group Sergey Varivoda.
The task of the forthcoming expedition is a top of the peak Muztag-Ata (7546 m). This mountain is included into Top-25 of the highest peaks of the planet. If to look from the rise, this is a huge icy dome in the mountain mass of Kashgarsky range, from which flow down 16 glaciers.

“Oxygen content on the peak of the mountain amounts to almost 30 percents from a normal level, however, the expedition doesn’t suppose to use oxygen during the ascension”, - noted the head of the group. Start of the expedition is planned for July 12, 2009. As for now, ten climbers are included in it.

As it is known, the participants of the project “Seven peaks” in May of this year carried out the ascension to the highest peak of the High Atlas and the Northern Africa — to the mountain Tubkal (4165 m), situated on the territory of Morocco. They also ascended such peaks as Elborus, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua, visited a base camp of the highest world mountain - Everest and on the peak Kala Pattar. Belarusian climbers also visited volcanoes in Ecuador, where they ascended the highest active volcano in the world Cotopaxi. The Belarusian climbers conquered the Margaret peak (the top of the Lunar mountains in Uganda) and the mountain Coropuna (in Peruvian Andes).

Julia Vanina
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