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Hollywood star Armand Assante ready to work with Belarusfilm

Armand notes after his visit to the cinema industry
By Vladislav Khmelevsky

Armand notes after his visit to the cinema industry

Mr. Assante notes, “If I’m invited, why not? You have a beautiful platform dating from 50 years ago, with the potential for filmmaking.” He emphasises that it’s too early to talk about particular projects with Belarusfilm, but admits that an independent Belarusian director has already invited him to take part in a film project about Belarus, set in WWII. Armand does not reveal whether he plans to accept the offer but he does assert that Minsk is one of the most beautiful cities he has seen in recent years.

Armand Assante
Armand Assante

“Your city is a post-war miracle. It was badly damaged during WWII but was built anew, showing the strong character of Belarusians,” notes Mr. Assante.

Dialogue From the Steppes, a short film written and directed by actor Armand Assante, was screened as part of the Minsk Listapad International Film Festival. The picture is a 27-minute ‘short’ about Kazakhstan through the eyes of a foreigner. Assante debuted in The Lords from Flatbush in 1974 but fame came later, after roles in such TV series as How to Survive a Marriage and The Doctors. He has played famous gangsters in Hollywood, alongside legendary colleagues and has worked with such greats as Ridley Scott, D.J. Caruso and Danny DeVito. He has also worked in a two-series TV film by Andrey Konchalovsky, Odyssey, and is known to play with such prominent Hollywood masters as Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Gérard Depardieu and Alec Baldwin.
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