Government proposes sharing information with IMF

Belarus is keen to engage in a new co-operative programme with the International Monetary Fund, notes Belarus’ Prime Minister, Mikhail Myasnikovich, on meeting IMF representatives
The Head of the Government notes that, last year, Belarus lacked the support it sought from the IMF. “In the past, difficult year, we’ve relied on ourselves for economic competitiveness, civil stability and coherent and responsible work by the authorities,” he stresses.

He suggested the IMF representatives to discuss further constructive steps to benefit the national economy in the light of world trends. “We believe that the IMF and other financial institutions should provide member states with objective, relevant information on how best to ensure medium-term development — globally and regionally — so that steps can be taken in this difficult time,” he explains. He regrets that no relevant recommendations exist. “We are relying on random facts regarding the global economy and processes within the Eurozone.”

According to Mr. Myasnikovich, the global financial crisis continues. However, given the high level of development of some economies, stabilisation may be imminent. The PM is confident that the IMF could play a decisive role in this situation.
David Hofman, the Deputy Chief of the North-Eastern Division of the IMF’s European Department and the Head of the IMF Mission in the Republic of Belarus, hopes to continue good relations with Belarus on assuming his new office.
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