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Fulfilling real contracts

Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. of CNR manufactures first electric locomotive for Belarusian Railways

By Olga Belova

At present, the electric locomotive is undergoing its first stage of acceptance trials in China — to be finished in March. “After supplying the first batch of rolling stock to Belarusian Railways, the second stage of acceptance tests will be conducted,” notes Belarusian Railways’ Press Service.

Trial tests have been conducted by the manufacturing enterprise, involving accredited laboratories: the China Railway Scientific Research Institute, Belarusian Railways’ Design and Engineering Centre, the Belarusian State University of Transport and the Baltic Testing Centre. The electric locomotive is being tested for compliance with technical conditions and design documentation: security of movement and electromagnetic compatibility, as well as fire, functional, ecological mechanical and electrical security.

Belarusian Railways has signed a contract with China National Electric Import and Export Corporation (CUEC) and with Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. of CNR for 12 mainline freight locomotives, paid for with a loan from the Export-Import Bank of China.

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