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From ancient park — to promising honey apiary

Lida’s forestry enterprise invests funds in promising project
By Yelena Svetlova

Within the past year, the hunting complex in picturesque Gorni Park launched, becoming one of the most popular vacation sites in the Lida District. It’s booked ahead by several months, offering comfort and beauty at an attractive price. At the initiative of the forestry enterprise, one of the most fascinating tourist routes in the Lida District is being developed.

“Here, in Gorni Park, we have two ecological paths, created as part of the Forestry Ministry programme for the Development of Hunting and Ecological Tourism. The path is covered in wood chips so even ants are unafraid,” says Mikhail Motsevich, the director of the forestry enterprise.

Curiously, one path in the ancient park is a natural sanctuary, founded in 1881. Avenues dating back over 130 years are still visible today. Mr. Motsevich notes that the wooden house located in Gorni Park was constructed in 1936, belonging to the forestry. It is now being reconstructed and will soon house the Administration of Lida Forestry. The existing modern and comfortable premises of the Administration will become accommodation and house an eco-centre.

Mr. Motsevich takes me to Gorni Park’s beehives, explaining, “The apiary’s beekeeper. Alexander Korenko, boasts great experience, as well as a passion for his job and much business knowledge.” There’s even a beekeeping museum, with a natural wood interior; at its carved table, tourists can sample the delicious honey and listen to Mr. Korenko’s stories about the ancient tools used for collecting honey. He also tells guests about the future of the profession, saying, “Honey-making is complex, since it relies on the weather. This year’s long winter reduced the expected honey yield.”

Mr. Motsevich adds, “The apiary has existed here for dozens of years and we’ll certainly continue developing it.” He knows the secrets of beekeeping from his own experience. Donning protective clothing, you can even peep into the hives, accompanied by Mr. Korenko. What could be better than walking in the open air, seeing the bee hives and sampling that sweet delight in a cup of herbal tea?
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