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Around 12,000 editions published in Belarus last year

Information Minister Lilia Ananich tells us that Belarus is a ‘reading’ nation, with an average of 3.3 books being published per each resident of the country: the figure remaining almost unchanged, and rivalling that of Russia. Last year, 11,613 books were published, with a total circulation of 32m.

Although new technologies are penetrating our modern life, printed editions remain popular. Ms. Ananich notes that the number of books published in Belarusian language has been stable over the past 3-4 years, reflecting the state of the language. Around 11 percent of Belarusian language books are produced by state publishing houses: Zvyazda, Narodnaya Asveta and Belaruskaya Navuka.

Last year, the state supported the publishing of encyclopaedias and the Cities and Villages of Belarus series. Meanwhile, a new volume of Vladimir Korotkevich’s works was launched, as was a collection of Ivan Shamyakin’s novels, alongside books on the history of Belarus and historical personalities. These landmark projects adorn the national publishing sphere, demonstrating that the state provides support to significant editions, helping strengthen and develop national identity.

The best Belarusian books of 2014 recently went on show at the 54th National Art of Book Contest, with awards to be presented at the 22nd Minsk International Book Fair.

By VeniaminMikheev
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