Following the example of foreign countries

Guards to patrol border on horseback

By Olga Primakova

Initially, horseback mounted patrols will be conducted on a trial basis, with two checkpoints involved at the first stage: four horses servicing each. Animals bred in Belarus will be preferred, being used to our climate; stables are now being equipped, with military riders chosen. “Well trained, armed and equipped horse squadrons are successfully deployed by the police and border guards in other countries, such as Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania and Russia,” stresses the Head of Belarus’ State Border Committee Press Service, Alexander Tishchenko. “Having studied the experience of our close neighbours, we’ve decided to revive the tradition in our country this year. Moreover, we have some parts of the border where horse patrols have better access than cars — primarily park and tourist zones, which boast historical and ecological treasures.” Accordingly, the Grodno and Polotsk border squadrons have been chosen, as their regions are known for their reserves and picturesque landscapes, including the Avgustovsky Canal and Lake Osveiskoe.

The decision on whether such horse patrols would become widely used will be made after the trial ends in two years’ time. Several factors will be taken into consideration: how horses perform, economic profitability and convenience.

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