First harvest for commercial scale grape growing

Olgovskoe agricultural production co-operative society, in the Vitebsk Region, has devoted two hectares to growing about 350 vines, which are now ready to give their first test crop — to be sold through the commercial network
“The grapes we’ve purchased from famous vintner Viktor Kukharev are even sweeter than those from Spain,” explains the Director of Olgovskoe Farm, Demiko Nadirashvili. “It’s crucial that they survive the winter, so we’ve chosen our variety from among Kukharev’s 600 frost-resistant sorts, ensuring that it is also suitable for our soil and for industrial production. In a year or two, each bush will produce up to 3kg of grapes.”

If all goes well, Mr. Nadirashvili plans to increase the size of his vineyard 10-15 fold, collecting about 3-4 tonnes of grapes; he also plans to build his own storage facility and a small processing plant. He tells us, “We plan to make a profit not only on the grapes but on selling grafts of vines, nurtured in our nursery.” Being a Georgian, he has faith in the symbol of his historic homeland.
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