Final countdown has at last begun

Sample electronic display being installed at public transport stops

By Irina Yemelyanova

Electronic information panels are soon to appear at public transport stops throughout the Belarusian capital, releasing passengers from the guessing game of when the next transport vehicle might arrive. LED display will show the number of the vehicle’s route and its final destination, as well as time remaining until arrival of the next and following bus, trolley bus or tram.

Transport vehicles are being equipped with special navigational equipment to allow their progress to be tracked. Currently, around 2,000 such buses and trolley buses operate on Minsk’s streets, so the innovation requires some organisation.
The time and date are to be shown on screens, with air temperature recorded and essential information conveyed via scrolling messages, with the display readable in any weather from a distance of up to 20m. Screens will be protected from dust and moisture and will even be vandal-proof.

The installation of such devices at public transport stops is part of a new automated dispatcher control system, aiming to manage urban public transport via a satellite navigation system. Displays will be manufactured by Minsk’s Electromechanical Plant.

“A trial sample has been created, ready for mass production in the near future. Of 2,000 transport stops in the Belarusian capital, around 200 will be equipped with electronic panels initially,” notes Alexander Boglov, the Head of Minsk’s Electromechanical Plant’s Design Department.

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