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Delegation from Kazakhstan visits Mogilev’s Mogotex textile manufacture

Fabrics don’t let down form

Delegation from Kazakhstan visits Mogilev’s Mogotex textile manufacture

The aim of visiting the enterprise was to become familiar with the full technological production cycle of fabric, as well as with new products and developments in special clothing and the service dress segment. “We have co-operated with Mogotex for a long time, but only now we could personally see the scale of production, equipment and the wide range of products of the enterprise. The main thing is that Mogotex continues to develop and is ready to offer innovative technologies, and it is the most important thing for a defence-oriented industry. So we intend to continue and to strengthen our co-operation,” said Zhandos Omarkulov, Head of Delegation, Administrative Commandant of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mogotex delivers fabrics to the clothes factories of Kazakhstan for production of service clothes for the security agencies. The annual turnover is more than $3,500,000. Mogotex Kazakhstan LLP, the official representative of the Belarusian enterprise, has been working in Kazakhstan for ten years.
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