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Special tours for tourists to Nesvizh over Christmas and New Year holidays

Special tours for tourists to Nesvizh over Christmas and New Year holidays

Nesvizh’s Town Hall (the oldest such construction to remain standing in Belarus) is to host animated programmes with quest elements until January 10th. According to organisers, tourists will be able to learn about the history of the Town Hall and become acquainted with an 18th century Nesvizh magistrate, while undertaking time travel to discover secrets of the ‘magistrate box’. Prizes and souvenirs await participants.

Until January 10th, 2016, musical and theatrical performances will be held at Nesvizh Castle’s theatrical hall, dedicated to a legend in the history of Nesvizh: Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł Sierotka — the founder of the Nesvizh Ordination. The prominent state and military figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania took on the services of Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni, whose Baroque-style architecture graces the town’s Catholic church (the first such in this style in Eastern Europe), as well as the town hall, monasteries and the palace itself.

The former residence of the Radziwills in Nesvizh is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and is of interest not only for its above-ground constructions, but for its vaults and crypts. Alongside the 16th-19th century palace and park estate, and the town hall, Nesvizh boasts the Corpus Christi Catholic Church, the Slutsk Brama (Gates) and the House of Craftsmen.

By Olga Pavlova
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