Everything is visible for the satellite

In the measurable future the navigation satellite system will be introduced in Belarus, meant for automatic checkout and movement control, at that both on passenger transport and during cargo transshipment
With the help of the world GPS satellite system it will be possible to determine vehicle position on the march route. It is hard to believe but coordinates of the vehicle location will be defined with accuracy to ten meters. The dispatch operator will be able to know at any time where exactly the bus is situated, or to trace its movement in a real time mode.

Automatic system of transport control exists in Minsk at the present moment, but it is outmode now and does not meet modern requirements to the full extent. Computer technologies and satellite navigation will allow more correct coordination of the bus schedule with the schedule of other types of passenger transport. In addition, the main thing, depending on the volume of passenger traffic, it will be possible to regulate the intervals of bus movements on march routes in a real time mode. This means that in a rush hour public transport will be less busy and there will be less complaints from passengers.

Before development of the satellite system of automatic checkout and movement control in Belarus the specialists have studied experience of neighboring countries and the countries of the Western Europe. Initially it is planned to introduce it in Gomel in 2008.

— This regional centre was selected by several reasons, — explains Viacheslav Sikorsky, the Head of Administration of the Ministry of Transport. — Minsk is a too big city for tests, and Gomel matches the quantity of residents and transport.
A new system will be spread over Belarusian cities stepwise.

— It is hard to say when we will have the possibility to install it in the capital, — explained Viacheslav Sikorsky. — The matter is that a good deal depends on project financing. As for today, the volume of funds is not conclusively determined. It is supposed that the main source will be regional budgets.

Vladimir Domanov
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