Efficient solutions rocket to necessary heights

Specialists from Belarus demonstrate their achievements at International Aviation and Space Show in Zhukovsky

Although Belarus has no own aviation industry, almost every craft manufactured across the CIS uses Belarusian high-tech components; the share is especially great in the instrument making industry and in various control systems.
Moreover, Belarus has several large aircraft repair plants, which have long become an example of maintenance service, boasting a reputation in the world of aviation.

Designing and constructing pilotless aircraft is a recent development in Belarus, with interest growing worldwide, as seen at the International MAKS-2011 Aviation and Space Show in Zhukovsky. Belarus demonstrated its latest and, according to specialists, very successful I.N.SKY pilotless helicopter. Weighing no more than 140kg, it can remain airborne for five hours, within a distance of 100km. The pilotless aircraft can carry diverse surveillance equipment, fixed to a double-axis gyro-stabilised platform. It is a wonderful example of Belarusian skill and expertise which aroused interest not just from Russian visitors.

The IDELA-INS system manages the helicopter, controlling its flight in automated mode. It uses a terrestrial control station suitable for normal vehicles and ships.

Meanwhile, BELTECH HOLDING demonstrated its intelligent surveillance and defence systems — of interest to private security firms and larger organisations, such as the Emergency Ministry and border guards.

The Display Design Bureau from Vitebsk brought its automated fire surveillance and control systems. Remarkably, its ADUNOK system has been installed on Russian Tigr (Tiger) armoured vehicles; its creators view it as a very promising development.

The Belarusian stands at MAKS-2011 were far more striking than in previous years, showing that Belarus’ high-tech industry is building on its high potential.

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