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Orlov Region is one of Belarus’ reliable and promising trade-economic partners

Developing a roadmap of bilateral collaboration

Orlov Region is one of Belarus’ reliable and promising trade-economic partners

On meeting the Governor of this Russian region, Vadim Potomsky, President Lukashenko noted, with regret, that trade turnover has fallen in financial terms in recent years, as it has in other places. However, he noted that the Governor’s visit proves that the Orel Region is keen to turn that around.

Vadim Potomsky

The Head of State stressed that the economic conditions in Belarus and the Orel Region are similar. “Both Belarus and the Orel Region earn money thanks to smart and hardworking people,” said Mr. Lukashenko.

The President believes that Belarus and the Orel Region enjoy good co-operation prospects in such fields as agriculture and industry, including mining, machine building, and construction.

Speaking about agribusiness, he mentioned our mutual eagerness to liaise, and Belarus’ desire to implement infrastructural projects.

“In short, we’re ready to share our experience with you. You have many good ideas, and we can use them,” emphasises the President.

The Governor of the Orel Region notes that there is room to expand collaboration in the sphere of food products and machine building, as well as across other areas. “You have much to show, and we’re ready to watch and learn,” he said. The Governor proposes to set up a large logistics centre for Belarusian produce in the Orel Region. “The distance between us is not huge, while the consumption market is colossal; 45m people live within a 300-400km radius of the Orel Region. The sales market is enormous,” noted Mr. Potomsky, as Mr. Lukashenko agrees.

After the meeting, an agreement was reached to develop a roadmap of co-operation; this will determine terms of implementation for joint projects.

By Alexander Pimenov
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