Countrymen’s names become knownBy Irina Sovrasova

Belarusians Abroad book presented at National Library

The book primarily focuses on those of our countrymen who have made their name abroad: poets, artists, mathematicians, physicists, presidents, researchers and diplomats. Among them is Minsk born Louis Mayer, who became one of the most successful US film producers, founding MetroGoldwynMayer and the globally known ‘Oscar’ awards.

The 500 page book — released by the Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing House — is illustrated with maps showing the migration of Belarusians and photos of documents. Belarusians Abroad is published in Russian and Belarusian and took almost two years to research and write. “The complexity of this book is rooted in its placement of the whole unique history of the Belarusian nation in a single edition,” says candidate of historical sciences Natalia Golubeva, co-author and a member of the Writers’ Union of Belarus. The book covers those countries where most of our countrymen now reside and a film project — Land of Geniuses — is being realised, also devoted to famous Belarusians.

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