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Belavia’s first branded aircraft already servicing regular routes

Cornflower petals symbolise flight

Belavia’s first branded aircraft already servicing regular routes

The Boeing 737-800 aircraft left the manufacturing factory in Seattle, USA, to land at Minsk National Airport. It bears new livery and offers 189 economy-class seats. The plane boasts increased flight distance and high fuel effectiveness. This is the first of three aircraft ordered by Belavia from Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2014. The other two are expected to arrive in Minsk in October and December.

Belavia’s new branded aircraft, Boeing 737-800, at Minsk National Airport

According to Belavia’s Director General, Anatoly Gusarov, the company will need about 12 years to recoup its investment but he states that the cost of flights should be gradually reduced, thanks to the new planes.

Belarus’ Development Bank has allocated credit funds to buy these three planes and, according to the Bank’s Chairman of the Board, Sergei Rumas, in-house capital was used for the project. “It’s a long-term investment. Speaking of other projects receiving such capital, most relate to infrastructure, for example, building motorways. In addition, several commercial projects are in the pipeline,” he comments.

The new Boeing 737-800 aircraft boasts a new Boeing Sky Interior, using lighting which allows passengers to more easily switch from one time zone to another and better handle night flights. The interior design offers more space for hand luggage and more space for each passenger.

Belavia representatives explain that it took 18 months to develop the new livery. Two American branding agencies — Teague (the interior) and Paul Wylde (the livery) — were involved. A cornflower is central to the design, with its stalk representing Belarus and its petals symbolising flight and forward movement. Belavia’s new style will be used across the board: in the interior design of aircraft and office premises, and on the uniform of pilots and flight attendants, on documents, on the official website, and on advertising and information boards.

Belavia is Belarus’ largest air carrier. Its planes service regular routes to 47 airports across 28 European and Asian countries.

By Alexander Pimenov
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