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Comfortable travel

Belarusian Railways purchasing 40 contemporary passenger carriages
The first four sleeping cars will be delivered from May-June, with all carriages equipped with air conditioning. Meanwhile, 19 passenger carriages are being overhauled and upgraded, with AirCon systems installed.

From 2013-2014, Swiss Stadler Bussnang AG is to deliver six electric trains (five carriages each) for business class regional lines. The new trains will boast greater comfort (seats positioned to face the same direction) and increased capacity (302 seats instead of the existing 216 on electric trains. Each of the new electric trains will feature three vacuum toilets (including one with disabled access) compared to existing trains having only one WC. The new trains will also boast additional shelving for large-sized luggage.

Belarusian Railways has announced its renovation and updating of its passenger fleet, having purchased about 170 passenger carriages over the past six years — including those for travel to the EU. The latest carriages not only feature air-conditioning and eco-friendly toilets but have power sockets to allow passengers to charge laptops and mobile phones.
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