Collection of signatures has finally completed

The time has now ended in which signature collection is possible in support of candidates for the presidency

The time has now ended in which signature collection is possible in support of candidates for the presidency. The number of signatures collected by support teams has been published by the Central Election Commission: 1,761,145 in support of Alexander Lukashenko; 159,805 in favour of Nikolay Ulakhovich; 140,735 for Sergei Gaidukevich; 130,404 in support of Victor Tereshchenko; 107,299 for Tatiana Korotkevich; 780 for Zhanna Romanovskaya; just 48 for Sergei Kalyakin; and none for Anatoly Lebedko.

Signature lists are now being verified but it seems evident that only five candidates will be registered. By law, registration must take place between September 6th and 15th, and the date chosen by the Central Election Commission is September 10th. Lidia Yermoshina, the Chair of the Central Election Commission, notes, “The period of pre-election propaganda will be prolonged for candidates, lasting a month rather than only 25 days. The support teams now have a break of two and a half weeks. Meanwhile, the district election commissions have over 77,000 people put forward to become members, so will start finalising lists of voters.”

In a video message visible on the Central Election Commission website, Ms. Yermoshina explains, “District election commissions will be given initial proposals from local executive and regulatory authorities. After they finish their work, veracious lists of voters will be compiled and voters will be invited to attend polls on the Election Day of October 11th. Such invitations will be given to all voters across the Republic of Belarus who are registered.”

Voters have demonstrated interest not only by placing signatures in support of applicants but in feedback given to the Central Election Commission to improve the subscription campaign. It has been suggested that photo ID be necessary for support team members but time issues do not currently make this possible. 

By Maxim Osipov

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