Children’s day near amazing expositions

National Art Museum of Belarus finally becomes family venue
The museum is encouraging younger visitors with its interactive exhibits, both entertaining and teaching. For the first time in its history, children will become the museum’s core visitors.

Interesting tours of the museum

Children’s Day at the Art Museum is taking place on July 31st, with the museum presenting itself as an ‘art city’ of sunshine and smiles. Its must-sees are:

The City Cinema, featuring characters from fairy-tales and ancient myths;

The Architectural Imaginarium, to help children view our city sights in new ways;

The Little Experts Academy, drawing attention to pictures of the past in a playful way;

The Questions and Answers Intersection, encouraging children and their parents to peruse halls in search of mysterious portraits;

Mysterious Sculptures Lane, teaching children to perceive artworks with their fingertips rather than their eyes.

Other attractions include:

 The Oriental Sapience Square;

 The Gifted Hands Workshop;

 The Arts Avenue.

Each interactive zone will provide a rich entertainment and educational programme, enabling families to combine fun and interesting activities. Each art station will be open all day, and visitors will be able to make souvenirs themselves.

It’s always good to engage children in the realm of beauty and this is sure to be an unforgettable day at the country’s main museum, for the whole family.

By Veniamin Mikheev

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