Certain traditions and international requirements should be observed

State to support candidates to Parliament, calling for Belarus’ sovereignty, regardless of their political views

State to support candidates to Parliament, calling for Belarus’ sovereignty, regardless of their political views

Candidates for places in the Belarusian Parliament should adhere to principles of state independence and provision of public wellbeing, noted the President at a session discussing preparations for elections to the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the sixth convocation.

He has called for criteria to be set for state support of candidates regardless of their political preferences. “We need to get behind such candidates. If they need support, we’ll provide it, regardless of their political affiliation. What is most important is that these people should be fair and decent,” Mr. Lukashenko is convinced.

It’s expected that around ten principles will be elaborated. “No one will dispute that one of the criteria for candidacy to Parliament should be advocacy for state independence,” the Head of State underlined, noting that an aspiration to enhance people’s wellbeing without resorting to detrimental ‘shock’ reform is also essential.

The President has demanded that the parliamentary campaign be held in an organised and calm manner. Speaking on electoral campaign coverage, he added that ‘there shouldn’t be any secrets’, and believes that more media coverage is required on Belarus’ fulfilment of international recommendations and launch of globally recognised democratic standards.

The Head of State emphasises that Belarus’ legislation complies with international principles and takes into account national electoral rules and traditions. “We take it for granted and, consequently, keep silent sometimes. However, there is no place for modesty on this issue. We need to talk about it,” the President is convinced.

Little time remains until the election campaign officially begins. The President stresses that, according to legislation, the date of the election should be announced no later than June 10th, noting that decisions will be made on time, without problems.

Preparations for the election campaign are regularly discussed with the Head of State; the latest session focused on steps taken to improve the election process, and the readiness of its organisers. Interstate procedures and OCSE recommendations to streamline the election process were discussed about a month ago.

By Vladimir Khromov
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