Carats Hiding in the Depth

Diamonds are being searched for in Belarus
In order to investigate prospective diamond deposits in the vicinity of Polotsk-Naroch stretch, aeromagnetic measurements are to be made within the area of 5,000 square meters.

According to its Director General Alexander Shuravin, last year the “Belgeologia” enterprise conducted 7 researches of anomalies located within the diamondwise promising Polotsk-Naroch stretch in Vileika, Smorgon and Postavy districts and Kulazhinskaya stretch in Gorki district.

They discovered that two magnetic anomalies are caused by granites and diorites and one anomaly results from magnetic sandstones. Within the other four anomalies no diamond deposits have been found at the geophysically suggested depths.

In the remaining three anomalies in Gomel region research works are being carried on with a view to find out whether they are diamantiferous.
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