Borders disappear for scientific community

Belarus eager to join EU supercomputing projects

Belarusian scientists have been developing supercomputers jointly with their Russian colleagues but are now keen to liaise with European experts on similar projects. The possibility is being examined, explains the Deputy Director General of the United Information Technologies Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Vladimir Anishchenko. “We are evaluating the prospects of joining the PRACE project (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), which unites Europe’s leading universities and research centres. The project is focused on developing supercomputer technologies,” he notes. “The possibility of taking part in this project as an associated partner is being discussed.”


At present, most European programmes aim to set up research consortiums to develop supercomputer technologies. “Our goal is to prove our cutting-edge knowledge, attracting interest from European countries and hoping that they’ll invite our specialists to join their consortiums. We are yet to be invited to join any of them,” adds Mr. Anishchenko. Speaking of the possibility of exporting Belarusian supercomputer technologies to the European Union, the official notes that the Belarusian scientific community is mainly focused on creating joint virtual spaces and the use of supercomputers to handle new tasks, while developing innovations in metallurgy and healthcare. He mentions that our Belarusian biologists have been using supercomputer technologies to create a medication to treat AIDS. “Business circles, not scientists, need to sell supercomputers,” Mr. Anishchenko stresses.

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