Billions of Dollars to be invested in enterprises

Over 100 major investment projects implemented in Minsk Region
By Nadezhda Radionova

According to Boris Batura, the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, the largest project aims to produce electric transport, jointly with Swiss Stadler, at Minsk FEZ. Investment stands at an estimated 40m Euros.

The management company for the development of the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park registered recently, with approximately $5bn to be invested. “The Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park will tackle not only the development of production facilities but infrastructure: the construction of housing and a logistics centre,” notes Mr. Batura.

High-tech enterprises will be encouraged to settle in the Park, with potential investors including producers of TV sets and cars. The best world experience will be used in creating the site.

Major agro- and processing plants are also a focus, with BelAZ and Belaruskali announcing investment plans, alongside private companies such as Avgustbel, Henkel Bautechnik, Coswick and AluminTechno.

The Minsk Region is working hard to attract direct foreign investments. Of around $243m invested in the regional economy in 2012, nearly $52m was from direct foreign investments. “This matches that of the same period of 2011,” notes Mr. Batura.
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