Belkommunmash brand name fits in well in Moldovan capital

Belarus and Moldova have begun joint production of trolley buses, using Minsk components
By Andrey Gusinsky

The first five vehicle sets (trolley bus frames with windows and doors) have already been delivered to Chisinau from Minsk, with other components being assembled and installed on site. In particular, engines and other units are to be installed in situ, with the interiors also completed.

Assembly is split between Minsk and Chisinau but the trolley buses will be manufactured under the Belarusian brand, in compliance with Belkommunmash technology and its guarantee of maintenance.

The completed buses are to run in Chisinau and across other Moldovan cities; last year, Chisinau purchased 102 trolley buses from Belkomunmash, with another 150 required to replace outdated stock (being inefficient and lacking in comfort). Tiraspol (Transdniestrian Region) and Beltsy (northern capital of Moldova) are to gain trolley buses while others are to be exported into the European Union.
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