Belarusian accent in city on Neva River

St. Petersburg was built by Belarusians

St. Petersburg has around 40 streets with ‘Belarusian’ names: Vitebsky Avenue, Nemansky, Grodnensky and Minsky lanes. This is no surprise as the city on the Neva River was built by Belarusians. At present, over 60,000 of them live there — including many famous personalities, as mentioned below.

Igor Kornelyuk, a composer, musician and singer, was born in Brest. In the second year of his studies at the Leningrad Conservatoire, he recorded his first hit: The Boy Made Friends with the Girl, sung by Albert Asadulin. At present, his songs are performed by Mikhail Boyarsky, Filipp Kirkorov and Edita Piekha.

Sergey Bordunov, the Director of the New Industrial Development Institute, is joining the Belarusian Economy Ministry to develop the concept of the single industrial policy of Russia and Belarus until 2025.

Yuri Petrenya, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Technical Director of the Power Machines Energy Concern, was born in Belarusian Glusk.

Vyacheslav Zarenkov, the founder of Etalon Construction Company, moved from Orsha to Leningrad in the early 1970s. In late June, Minsk hosted Belarus’ Through Russian Artists’ Eyes exhibition organised on his initiative.

By Kristina Khilko
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