Belagro gathers partners

Minsk-1 airport hosts official launch of the 3rd Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions and the 26th International Belagro-2016 Specialised Exhibition
This year’s Belagro-2016 is a true record setter, with 57 companies from 23 countries demonstra­ting their major achievements: in machine building, agricultural production and selection, cattle breeding and plant growing. The venue covers 31,200 square metres and features stands by enterprises within the Agriculture and Food Ministry, the Ministry of Industry, the National Aca­demy of Sciences, the State Committee for Science and Technologies, the Ministry for Emergency Situations, and the Mi­nistry for Architecture and Construction, in addition to those from Belneftekhim, Bellegprom, Belgospishcheprom, and Belkoopsoyuz, and stands organised by the private sector and by farms.

As part of the exhibition, the 3rd Forum of Belarusian and Russian Regions opened, with guests able to see the level of regional cooperation between our countries.

Mikhail Myasnikovich, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic:

“The exhibition features not only achievements within the agro-industrial complex. We’ve attempted to demonstrate that Belarus is a highly developed industrial country, which boasts modern machine building. Belagro is not merely a demonstration of modern goods but a venue to discuss joint projects and conclude contracts.”

Valentina Matvienko, the Chair of the Council of the Federation of Russia’s Federal Assembly:

“We’re thankful to Belagro’s organisers for enabling us to see your country’s achievements in the field of agricultural machine building, industry and new agrarian technologies. Development of the agro-industrial complex is an important priority for our countries. Despite some economic problems and an unfavourable market situation worldwide, agriculture is demonstrating a good pace of development. Belarusian food is sought after in Russia, with sales volumes ever growing. Agricultural machine building is also successfully developing and I’m pleased that the Belagro exhibition features produce not only made at Belarusian facilities but also at joint ventures: over 70 such operate all around Russia and we truly have grounds for praise.”

By Vladimir Velikhov

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