Ballroom dance as a good alternative to mass culture

Winter ball brings together dance couples from throughout Belarus

Around 100 dance couples from Minsk, Brest, Gomel, Bobruisk, Grodno, Kobrin and Vitebsk arrived in the Belarusian capital to take part in the ball. The programme included three segments: ‘Russian Seasons’, ‘Promenade through Western Europe’ and ‘Dances from Around the World’. The latter, for example, featured Erebuni Armenian dance ensemble. During intervals, participants were entertained with live music, games and surprises.

This is the third such event for young people, aimed at providing an alternative to contemporary mass club culture. It popularises international cultural ties, while promoting appreciation of dance heritage and encouraging friendships across nations. The revival of ball culture is going hand in hand with understanding of the dance traditions of various nations.

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