Of the Republic of Belarus’ Central Election Commission concerning results of the Belarus presidential election
On March 23, 2006, having considered protocols of the regional election commissions and the Minsk City Election Commission, the Central Election Commission has ascertained the following voting data of the results of the Republic of Belarus presidential election.

The total number of electors in the Republic of Belarus makes 7,133,978. Ballots were issued to 6,646,957 electors. 6,630,653 electors took part in the voting or 92.9 percent, that is more half of all Republic of Belarus citizens, who are eligible to vote.

5,501,249 electors cast their votes for Alexander Lukashenko, that is 83.0 percent or more than half of the voter turnout. Sergei Gaidukevich won 230,664 votes (3.5 percent of the voter turnout), Alexander Kozulin — 147,402 votes (2.2 percent), Alexander Milinkevich — 405,486 votes (6.1 percent). 115,532 (1.7 percent) of the ballots were discarded as invalid.

In line with Article 82 of the Republic of Belarusian Constitution, Article 79 of the Republic of Belarus Electoral Code, the Central Election Commission decreed to acknowledge the election of the Republic of Belarus President as accomplished. Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko shall be considered elected President of the Republic of Belarus.
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