Adani becomes an example

Andrei Kobyakov has visited the enterprise Adani

The enterprise shows how the scientific-industrial branch should develop
The enterprise shows how the scientific-industrial branch should develop

This was noted by the Head of the Administration of the President of Belarus, Andrei Kobyakov during his visit to Adani. The latter specialises in producing roentgenographic scanners, used in the both medicine and security.

production.pngThe unique company boasts its own history. It’s important that it continues to make progress, showing an example of how the Republic’s scientific-industrial branch should develop. The correlation between the enterprise’s workers is as follows: physicists, engineers and programmers account for 80 percent, while the remaining 20 percent are workers.

All produce, manufactured by Adani, is registered into the import-substitution programme. “The company produces the technique that is primarily necessary for the country’s healthcare system. For example, Adani manufactures ‘Pulmoscan’ mobile and stationary units which are famous countrywide. Moreover, it also produces the technique that ensures security at many sites in Belarus.”

Adani’s Director, General Vladimir Linev, noted that, at present the company is expanding its production facilities. Soon, an innovation and production complex, scheduled to open next year, will appear at the enterprise, which will be involved in developing new technologies.

Adani enterprise was founded in 1991 and specialises in the production of medical X-ray equipment, security systems and tool building. The company implements all projects at its own expense. Now, the enterprise produces around 40 types of science an dintensive equipment and 85 percent of it is exported. For example, scanners are supplied to over 60 countries of the world including the USA, China, the EU States and Africa. The enterprise employs around 350 people.
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