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Achieving goals is a good habit

Gomel Engineering Institute’s Ksenia Shingirei wins ‘Student of the Year’ contest
The eight smartest, most talented and active young boys and girls — tomorrow’s doctors and pharmacists, engineers and psychologists countrywide — took part in the final of the contest, hosted by the BSU Lyceum. All boast an average of 8 points, while a representative of the BSUIR has 10 points.

Ksenia Shingirei, from Gomel’s Engineering Institute of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, was the overall winner, which came as no surprise to her friends. Despite her young years, she has seven years’ experience as a volunteer, working with children with special needs. Partnered by her friend Maxim, who has Down’s syndrome, she danced for the contest; Maxim was her constant shadow.

“The competition was very strong so I worried about how the audience and jury would view our dance,” admits lucky Ksenia. She tells us that she likes to set goals — as encouraged by teachers at the Emergency Ministry Institute — and believes this brought her to victory. Her choice of future profession is well thought out. She explains, “I’ve always been an unusual child, seeking out events and intrigue…”

Preparation for the contest has been time consuming, although her ‘Student of the Year’ title comes with a wonderful prize: a netbook and a promise by the Education Minister, Sergey Maskevich, that she has access to his office at any time. She now intends to focus fully on her studies.

Of course, all the finalists were worthy of a medal. Each participant’s stand contained not only their portfolios but certificates, cups and letters of gratitude. In the oratory event, the youngsters were required to charm everyone on the usefulness of reading. Other rounds included sporting achievements and creative performances.

Olga Maslak, from Vitebsk’s State Medical University, has written a short reference book to help first year students. She also enjoys mountain climbing, aerobics and felt making. “I just do whatever I enjoy,” she notes modestly.

In an Internet vote for ‘Student of the Year-2012 ONLINE’, the youngsters created their own humorous videos, acting as directors, script writers and artistes. Hosted by YouTube, the clip with the most votes was that of BSUIR student Yulia Reznichenko. Her fellow students say she is like Figaro: able to be in three places simultaneously…
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