Posted: 04.10.2022 15:08:00

Lukashenko about draft notices sent to Belarusians by military registration and enlistment offices

The draft notices that some Belarusians began to receive from the military registration and enlistment offices have nothing to do with possible mobilisation. This is another fake that is deliberately inflated – as stated by Aleksandr Lukashenko during today’s meeting on military security held at the Defence Ministry.


The President drew attention to some of the shortcomings that the mobilisation in Russia revealed, “When draft notices were sent out, some people were not there (in Russia), some died, some fled, some were sick, etc. This is a lesson for us. Therefore, we have checked and will continue to check all those liable for military service – who are listed in the reserve – through our military registration and enlistment offices. It is necessary to do what I instructed you in every district and without any noise: after the harvesting campaign, it is necessary to carefully call up people, see their number and verify all our materials, lists and documents in the military registration and enlistment offices.”

The Head of State stressed that situations can be different (someone may be ill or not in the country, e.g.), so it is vital to understand and assess ‘what we have today’, “It has nothing to do with mobilisation. We’ve always done this.”