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Zone of CSTO responsibility

Meeting of President with CSTO Secretary General, Nikolai Bordyuzha, discusses zone of responsibility of Collective Security Treaty Organisation
Opening the meeting, the Head of State suggested discussing new issues as well as looking at the implementation of existing decisions. He noted, “We agreed that we would regularly observe how divisions within the Collective Rapid Response Force of the CSTO are functioning; we have a number of activities in this direction.”

Mr. Lukashenko believes that, as chair of the CSTO at present, Russia should suggest a near-term plan and co-ordinate with other members of the CSTO. Speaking of the situation on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border, he emphasised, “I’m grateful to you for the regular information updates which you send, from your position at the epicentre of these events.” He added, “During this meeting of heads of member states of the CSTO, we should consider and decide upon basic avenues of CSTO functioning.”

Mr. Bordyuzha praised Belarus’ fulfilment of its obligations, saying, “We’re currently supervising several decisions taken earlier by presidents, including regarding the rendering of assistance to Tajikistan in protecting the Tajik-Afghan border — following military withdrawal from Afghanistan of NATO contingents. Belarus was one of the first to offer assistance. We’ve received corresponding information on the nomenclature allocated to border guards in Tajikistan.”

Mr. Bordyuzha explained that hardware is being directed towards the Tajik-Afghan border. “Everything so far allocated by Belarus has arrived and is being used by border guards in Tajikistan. I can express only gratitude for this vital help, in response to a difficult situation on the border and across all Afghanistan,” he added.

The meeting also tackled the development of the military component of the CSTO: the creation of collective aviation forces and special operations units and the Council’s decision to help equip the Collective Rapid Response Force.
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