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Worthy partnership on equal terms

In Minsk, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko meets Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China
By Vasily Tikhomirov

“We’ve achieved an unprecedented level of mutual trust and support in our bilateral relations. We’re grateful to China for its readiness to lend a friendly shoulder at any time. In turn, we consistently support China in especially sensitive spheres. We’re proud that Great China has been our strategic partner and ally for so many years,” Mr. Lukashenko underlined.

Both sides note that interesting dialogue is happening across all areas and is actively developing in the political sphere — at all levels, including the very top. Business contacts are yielding fruit, as proven by the $3bn+ of trade turnover last year. Meanwhile, this is far from the limit.

The Belarusian leader noted that, in recent times, Belarus and China have been implementing investment projects worth many millions. He explained, “Major contracts have been signed in power engineering, construction, transport, communications and industry. We’re keen to further expand political, trade and investment collaboration, as well as to promote efficient interaction in the scientific, military-technical and humanitarian spheres. Our two states should concentrate in future on high-tech and science-intensive projects, promoting the modernisation of our economies and the creation of high-tech manufacturing.”

The Belarusian President especially noted the importance of signing an agreement to set up the Belarusian-Chinese Commission on High-Tech Co-operation. During the meeting, the guest also referred to the value of this document several times, noting the promising prospects connected with it.

Mr. Yongxiang emphasised that our two countries rely on their leadership to develop interaction. He asserted, “The personal attention of our leaders has allowed bilateral relations to develop along a stable and sustainable course, with mutual political trust intensifying and trade-economic liaisons activating. Remarkably, mutual turnover has risen 20-fold — compared to the first years of our diplomatic relations: a rare case.”

A whole range of topics regarding bilateral co-operation were discussed in detail, with results announced and the next orienting points specified. Political interaction occupies a special place.

According to the guest, China’s position is to further reinforce political trust and expand mutual support while intensifying the existing political basis for bilateral relationships. He noted, “China highly appreciates and is very grateful to Belarus for its decisive support — which tackles Chinese key interests. From our side, we completely understand and respect the path of development chosen by the Belarusian people. It proceeds from the national characteristics of the country and your foreign and domestic policy. We support the efforts of your state to protect your sovereignty and independence, as well as to develop your national economy, in defiance of external interference.”

Meanwhile, the Belarusian President added, “I absolutely agree with you. Today’s international situation is difficult and uncertain to a large degree. However, we should strengthen our co-operation and friendship. You should know that we won’t step aside one jot from our agreed directions. We’ll be firmly following the course of our agreements.”

Mr. Lukashenko expressed confidence that the visit by the Chinese delegation to Belarus will become another step in strengthening bilateral collaboration.
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