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Greece backs EU’s simplified visa regime for Belarusian residents

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Greece backs EU’s simplified visa regime for Belarusian residents.

The Secretary General for International Economic Relations of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Tsipras, has told Belarus One TV Channel, “The Greek Government is behind the proposal to simplify procedures for Belarusian citizens to visit Greece. Greece wants to be open to everyone wishing to visit, especially guests from countries such as Russia and Belarus. Unfortunately, the regime under which people may travel to EU countries has been toughened this year, which is a serious problem for Greece.”

The diplomat notes that, due to the economic crisis, Greece has been obliged to close some of its diplomatic representations abroad. “The opposite is true for Belarus, which recently saw an opening of the Greek honorary consulate; in 2016, our diplomacy will gain strength,” the diplomat stresses. He believes that our two countries have every possibility to develop political and economic relations.

By Nikolay Lashkevich

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