I’ve voted for the first time and was honestly worried about it — although everything was organised clearly

What do you vote for?

Vadim Zdyshuk, a mechanisation worker at Komarovka JSC in  Brest District:

I’ve voted for changes taking place in the villages. These are especially evident in our agro-town Komarovka — the homeland of the first Belarusian cosmonaut and USSR Hero, Piotr Klimuk. After investment in infrastructure, the local secondary school has become one of the best in the region. A wonderful sports complex, with two swimming pools, a stadium and tennis courts have been built here. In addition, two hotels, a restaurant and other facilities have opened. The farm where I work has been equipped with modern machinery. Driving a KZS-1218 combine, I am employed in harvesting every year and have been named a winner many times at Republican and regional harvesting contests. In the past, we could only dream about equipment of this kind. I am a firm advocate of reviving the fortunes of this and other villages further.

Irina Mikutskaya, a student at the Masherov State University’s Philology Department, Vitebsk:

As a philologist who studies the Belarusian language, it’s important for me to see the increased popularity of our native language in the country. I would like it to be more widely and actively used. I’ve taken this into consideration when making my voting choice.

Olga Fomina, Brest:

I’ve voted for the first time and was honestly worried about it — although everything was organised clearly. I live in a wonderful country and do not want to leave it. With this in mind, I voted for stability. This might seem banal but, in the current unsettled climate, everyone both young and old is thinking the same thing.

Valentina Satinova, a pensioner, Brest:

I formed my opinion long ago. I advocate peace, development and civilised settlement of economic and political issues. I don’t want our country to face events similar to those happening in Ukraine.
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