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Belarusian callisthenics squad wins most places ever to Olympic Games

Well-deserved bravo

Belarusian callisthenics squad wins most places ever to Olympic Games: two individual and one team, with Melitina Stanyuta and Yekaterina Galkina already heading to training

Melitina Stanyuta always gracious during her performances

Our girls have had no time to relax from the busy past season. The day after their return from their short holidays, Melitina Stanyuta and Yekaterina Galkina began training for Rio.

Yekaterina won silver medals in all four programmes and in the all-round at the first season of the Los Angeles Lights tournament. She explains that gymnasts’ programmes have changed drastically, saying, “We have an intense competing schedule of 12 tournaments. So far, we’ve held back on showing the final versions of our performances: we’ll improve and polish them for each new competition. We want to perform worthily at the Olympics and, accordingly, train hard!”

Belarusian team leader Melitina was unable to participate in the first tournament of the season, due to injury, but tells us, “I’ve returned from my holidays full of strength and want to start training as soon as possible. I was forcing events and damaged the instep of my foot. Everything is alright now and I’m training and preparing for the Moscow Grand Prix, then the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. I guarantee to do all possible to train as well as I can.”

Head coach Irina Leparskaya comments, “We’re doing our best.” We’re in no doubt, since our graces rarely return from a major competition without awards. Ms. Leparskaya plans to surprise gymnastic fans in May, during the World Cup round, held in Minsk. She explains, “We really want to show our country’s enthusiastic attitude towards sports in general and towards rhythmic gymnastics in particular. World Cup rounds — held in Minsk in the past — were always highly praised. This Olympic year, we want to surprise everyone more than ever. The World Cup round will be held at Minsk’s five star Marriott Hotel, which has a grand sports hall able to seat 2,000, as well as grounds for training sessions. Our task is to make an impression and inspire people to exclaim: ‘Wow!’”

By Tatiana Pastushenko
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