Viewing future with optimism and confidence

Belarusian model of socio-economic development has worked under crisis conditions, notes Sergey Ling, of Council of Elders of Minsk Region and former PM

By Nadezhda Radivonova

“Last year was ambiguous; however, our socially oriented market economy demonstrated itself to be an economically viable model for development. Despite setbacks — objective and subjective — the private sector is moving with the times, developing industry and farming. Moreover, employment has been ensured, inspiring complete confidence that we’ve survived the test,” believes Mr. Ling.

Mr. Ling is convinced that the liberalisation of prices has been the correct path to avoid shelves becoming empty; devaluation has raised the real price of imports. “The move to equalise prices and simultaneously raise pensions, salaries and scholarships has balanced the situation, with a single exchange rate established. The high rate benefits exporters and, positively influences our economy, so I’m viewing the future with confidence. I believe we’ve chosen the correct course of development. We’re coming out of the crisis. However, taking into account the international economic situation and the threat of a second crisis, we can’t relax,” Mr. Ling stresses, adding that heads of enterprises need to encourage efficiency and maximise profits.

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