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Van with swimming pool for travelling of exotic artistes

Dancing hippos go on tour with the Belarusian State Circus
By Andrey Fiodorov

Big artistes will become a feature of the Hippopotamus Show, which was launched in the Belarusian State Circus from January 31st. The Hippopotamus Show is the world’s only attraction of animal trainers Lyudmila Akhundova and Honoured Artist of Russia Tofik Akhundov. In the circus arena the hippopotami gracefully turn on their backs, deliberately play leapfrog, a build ‘pyramid’ and even dance.

These heavy circus stars have come from Nizhny Novgorod. Every artiste has travelled in a customised van that contains a swimming pool, in order to make the journey not so wearisome. Now the guests are resting after their passage, and waiting to move to the building of the Belarusian State Circus. For convenience, and the comfort of the stars, a big tub will be delivered to Minsk where they can de-stress after performances.

Apart from the hippopotamus show, the audience will receive one more gift — trained monkeys that perform tricks with teeterboards and perform flip-flaps without leads. Performers of many contests, artistes of various circus genres from Belarus and Russia — trapeze artists, balance-masters, jugglers, acrobats on masts and horse riders — will also participate in the programme.
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