Valuable satellite-cities for the capital

Programme of satellite-city construction underway while Minsk’s Regional Technopark launches building of new blocks

By Yevgenia Oleshina

The Minsk Regional Executive Committee’s Deputy Chairman, Alexander Yermak, explains that, so far, no exact plan exists as to which enterprises are to be moved beyond the capital and an investment town is yet to be chosen.

Minsk shall have nine satellite-cities, each included on the state programme to extend residential suburbs for Minsk residents, while shifting production beyond the capital. The state programme covers regions specialising in the industrial spheres (Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino and Fanipol), as well as agro-industrial (Smolevichi, Stolbtsy, Uzda and Rudensk) and tourist-recreational (Zaslavl and Logoisk).

According to Mr. Yermak, the announcement of these cities as Minsk’s future satellites has inspired investors’ interest, with several major projects being discussed. Minsk Free Economic Zone’s expansion towards Dzerzhinsk could bring additional impetus to the area (which almost neighbours Fanipol). New facilities are to be built in each satellite-city, while old factories will undergo modernisation. Moreover, jobs will be created and new accommodation is to be constructed. In line with the programme, experimental projects are to be realised regarding the construction of lower-level residential housing for Minsk residents in Smolevichi and in the Smolevichi District. Legislation is being drawn up relating to special mortgages for housing construction by Minskers while comfortable transportation between cities is also being given priority.

Among other ‘construction novelties’ in the Minsk Region is the Regional Technopark, being realised in the Smolevichi District’s Stanok-Voditsa — with the State Committee for Science and Technology. This will provide innovative infrastructure in the region, specialising in machine building, metal processing and eletro-technics. A Belarusian-Chinese industrial park is also being built in the Smolevichi District in coming years.

Twelve major investment projects are currently being realised in the Minsk Region, as part of the 2011-2015 State Innovative Development Programme.

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