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Belarusian Union of Women undergoes reshuffle
Belarusian Union of Women undergoes reshuffle: Nadezhda Yermakova hands over post of chair to Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Marianna Shchetkina

Interestingly, Ms. Yermakova personally initiated the reshuffle, as part of the 6th extra-ordinary national conference of the public association. She is convinced that the organisation needs to be headed by someone with extremely high authority in the social sphere, as issues of family support are vital to its work. Ms. Yermakova remains an active member of the major women’s public association, acting as its Deputy Chair.

The Belarusian Union of Women’s charter is also to undergo major changes, to become more flexible and modern, with obligatory membership fees introduced. At the moment, the organisation unites over 180,000 Belarusian women. The Chair of the Central Election Commission, Lidia Yermoshina, points out, “Our key task — of protecting families and children — is close to every woman’s heart.” All socially significant events — whether to raise money for charity or relating to election campaigns — involve women. According to Ms. Yermoshina, the latter particularly rests on women’s shoulders: women account for 59 percent of staff at the 153 territorial commissions.

The Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Igor Buzovsky, acknowledges the importance of this public organisation, calling it ‘a most informal yet efficient movement’. On presenting Ms. Yermakova with the honourable award of the Presidential Administration (for her personal contribution to the development of the women’s movement), he said, “As the President has stressed many times, the Union of Women occupies not only a worthy place in civil society but is a pillar of our society, uniting many representatives of executive power directly involved in social policy. I sincerely thank you for the approaches you use and for your sincere attitude towards this business. It’s only possible to win hearts — and especially women’s — through organisations such as yours.”

By Olga Petrova

Photo: BELTA
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