Uniform that Saves Lives

No more fear of fire, frost, wind or rain
The Belarusian Armed Forces are developing both their inner structure and outward appearance. A uniform is not simply a set of clothes, but individual operational system for each serviceman. If your uniform is fine, your mission will be completed.

The army is upgrading the current types of uniform and developing new models. Military “couturiers” are using state-of-the-art materials and fabrics and follow the “military fashion”, Mikhail Ralko, the deputy head of the equipment and uniform office of the central logistics department with the Defense Ministry, tells me. By the way, all fabrics are made in Belarus, he adds.

The new clothes, like all new gadgets, are meant first of all for special forces, and a whole collection of prototypes has been developed recently. The innovations are tested on the personnel of the 5th brigade of special forces and 103rd mobile brigade. After the period of testing the military uniform will be given another brush after soldiers make their remarks. The remaining combat arms will have new uniform, special attire, sleeping-bags and rucksacks made on the basis of the equipment for special forces.

Bulky padded clothes, sleeping bags and rugs are history. A special winter uniform (one-piecer and coat) is a good example. Made from waterproof nylon with a light warmth-keeping laying, these clothes compete with oil-silk in which you sweat as if you were in a sauna. In this uniform (that comes in a set with a polypropylene rug) soldiers may perform their missions in any weather. They can lie in an ambush for three hours even if temperature falls below 30 degrees centigrade. The set also includes a light and very warm sleeping-bag that requires little space in the rucksack but often proves unexpendable.

The upgraded sniper camouflage “Leshy” will allow the marksman to remain unobserved on any type of terrain. Owing to simple fasteners the sniper can turn into a bush or a heap of hey. The winter version of the camouflage is absolutely silent even at very low temperatures. The “clever” fabric remains elastic and makes the sniper silent and invisible.

There is also an alternative to the well-known all-weather raincoat — a waterproof uniform Rain. It has many more functions than the traditional coat and weighs same as a ladies’ coat. We keep dreaming of a warm summer, but designers have already thought about soldiers: a summer uniform with covers for knees and elbows made from reinforced ergonomic fabric will help the owner both in the water and on the ground.

Besides, soldiers and officers will soon receive prototypes of heavy-duty shoes and sportswear. The military always have some time for sports despite a very busy “professional” schedule.

by Tatiana Schedryonok
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