Transport Haul

Belarus will start using Kaliningrad’s ports more actively
650 kilometres between Minsk and Kaliningrad is no distance, especially when it comes to new mutually beneficial cooperation projects. Transfer of Belarusian goods through the ports of Kaliningrad was one of the capital points discussed at the regular session of the Belarusian-Russian Council on Long-term Cooperation of Regions, Ministries and Bodies of State Government of Belarus and Kaliningrad Region of Russia.

“Kaliningrad is the shortest transport haul for Belarus, that is why it is reasonable to transfer cargo through the ports of Kaliningrad region, — said Governor of Kaliningrad region, Georghy Boos, when visiting the country. — The Belarusian cargo’s access to Kaliningrad ports is the issue that should be solved with due regard to the interests of all the parties, in particular, Lithuania and Latvia, but Kaliningrad should not be out of the process”.
In the short run we can expect a rise in fish delivery from Kaliningrad.

Belarus, in its turn, is going to increase its export volume of building materials, timber and construction services. Besides, there are certain plans for cooperation in agricultural sphere. According to Georghy Boos, in the nearest future they are going to raise the trade turnover to $200 mln. This is an important step in the bilateral cooperation, but not the last one, remarked the Governor of Kaliningrad region.
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