Tours by young and talented

Symphony Orchestra of the Music Academy dedicates its tours to three landmark events

Symphony Orchestra of the Music Academy dedicates its tours to three landmark events: the 20th anniversary since the establishment of the Special Fund of the President of Belarus for the Support of Talented Youth; the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory; and the national Year of Youth

Scholarship holders of the President’s Special Fund and laureates of prestigious international contests are to delight audiences by singing and playing world classics in each of the regional centres from September 22nd-27th. Conductor and orchestra head Andrey Ivanov promises a programme most entertaining (with its traditional two sections).

“Since all the artistes in our orchestra are students of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, we’ve prepared a youth programme. We’ll begin with the overture from Tannhäuser opera, then violoncellist Mikhail Radunsky will play Vienna Rhapsody, followed by Aram Khachaturyan’s exciting Lezghinka. I won’t detail all 12 works but I’d like to name the soloists (students and young teachers) you’ll hear: Mikhail Radunsky (violoncello), Maria Shabunya (soprano), Oleg Yatsyna (violin) and Aram Beknazaryan (percussion),” notes Mr. Ivanov.

Vitebsk will be the first to hear the Music Academy Youth to Youth of Belarus programme, with Vitebsk’s Regional Philharmonic welcoming guests. The concert series will finish on September 30th, at the Minsk Philharmonic.

By Yulia Leonova
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