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Tourists to receive prompt advice

Soon, maps of Minsk are to be installed in the Upper Town, helping tourists find the nearest form of public transport, hotel, cafe, public toilet, pharmacy or local attraction. Similar info-boards have long helped visitors to navigate the maze of many European cities’ streets.
A few years ago, experts began to develop the concept, dividing the capital into 32 tourist routes, with about 50 main attractions — from the St. Simon and Helena Catholic Church to Victory Square. The routes are designed to allow tourists to see Minsk without missing any interesting sites, with the help of info-boards. According to the Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Experts and Surveyors of Transport, Yury Vazhnik, whose organisation developed the boards, these need to be located at metro exits, since most tourists use the underground.

One such board will be set up at the exit of Nemiga metro station, with a couple more near the CiTownty Hall and the Cathedral of the Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Of course, more will be unveiled in time, since tourists who come to Mogilevskaya or Uruchie metro stations will also need help.
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